Fovea is a mobile development company founded in 2008. Its motivated team develops mobile apps and games of all sort. The company also provides services like consulting and development for mobile and web applications.


  • "Fovea did an excellent job on the development and launch of the official Triominos app. They did an immense amount of work in a short period of time including UI design and cross platform development (including iOS, Android and Facebook). Goliath Games is very happy with the end result for version one and will continue to work with Fovea on updates to the app. Also, we already signed for a second big app project which will be developed later this year.
    I would definitely recommend Fovea as your (game) developer."

    [ Wilbert Kramer - Goliath Games ]



Back in 1999, three young students founded a group of passionate developers and called it iOS-Software. They developed together several open source games and tools. Some of their realizations became quickly popular on Linux and MacOS worlds: FloboPuyo, Goom, iLynx and Solitude to name a few. After years of serious jobs, they decided to found a company where they can do what they always dreamed to do: develop cool apps. In 2008, other fellows joined them to lay the first stone of Fovea in its main office in Beirut, Lebanon.


Foveans don't come to work just because they have a job; they come because they have a great passion for what they do. This is why Fovea provides the best creative products.

The right of users to enjoy their apps is a sacred right at Fovea. This is why we never give up on quality and always head toward the best user experience.

The policy of the company gives a great importance to what others say. The suggestions of users are always taken into account, so do not hesitate to share your suggestions with us!


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