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  • "A game that'll literally blow your mind" [ John Rirke ]

Do you love abstract strategy games? Shyring is what you’re looking for. Your goal is to remove three of your own rings from the board. You’ll have to keep the balance between weakening yourself by removing your rings and keeping control over the game.


  • No luck, only strategy!
  • Artificial intelligence with 3 difficulty levels.
  • Multiplayer mode on a single device.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Inside the Game

Each player places 5 rings of the same color on the board. When a player moves a ring, it leaves a marker behind. When a ring jumps over a marker, the marker flips and its color changes. In order to remove one of his rings, a player must form a row of 5 consecutive markers with his own color. Once a player removes 3 of his rings, he’s declared winner!

The game features a challenging artificial intelligence with 3 difficulty levels. You can also play with your friends on a single device.

Do you want to give your brain some challenge? Try Shyring!